How Hat Rack got started…

This is a picture from my first Kentucky Derby in 2006. Armed with a big head and zero fashion sense, I set out to find a hat in the small town where I was living. I settled for the first hat that fit and set off for the the Derby. I was so amazed by all of the beautiful hats I saw that I made a promise to myself to put greater effort into my future hat selections. Over the course of the last fifteen years, I have attended the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby every year, buying hats for every race.  I live in Las Vegas, so our friends in Louisville were always kind enough to store them for me. (Thank you Allen and Mary Lea!) Derby week has many events that require cocktail dresses, so while I was purchasing hats for the events, I also found myself looking for dresses to wear as well. After a while, it seemed silly to keep buying dresses that I would only wear once, so I began using a dress rental service. I loved that I could rent a designer dress, wear it and send it back when I was done! My hat collection had grown to be so big that I was lending hats to Derby newbies that needed a hat for one of the events.  The idea occurred to me that, just like dress rentals, borrowing a hat was such an easier way to accent your outfit because you eliminate the need to pay full retail price for an item you will likely only wear once. Plus, you eliminate the need to drag your hat through the airport or store your hat when you are done! The idea of Hat Rack was born.

We have sourced the best millineries in the business to buy the highest quality, most fashionable hats. From fascinators to wide-brimmed hats, Hat Rack has a hat for you!

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