Hat Rentals

At Hat Rack, we believe that wearing hats should be easy, affordable and fun. Our hats are sourced from top quality millinery to ensure that your rental is flawless. Hat Rack makes wearing hats simple. 

Rent it   Wear it  Return it.



Hats are the traditional headpieces adding fuller coverage for the face. They vary in size from wide-brimmed to small-brimmed, floppy to fedoras. Fashion hats are usually decorated with bows, feathers, netting and ribbon to create colorful accents to your outfit.


Fascinators are a flirty, fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit. From Designed to be a smaller than a hat, fascinators allow you to coordinate your hairstyle with the head piece, adding additional flare to any outfit.


Hatinators are large version of fascinators, yet smaller than hats. They are secured with headbands, making them ideal for women with larger heads or for those looking to wear specific hairstyles. 

Festival Hats

Festival hats range from boho, floppy hats bolero hats to fedoras. They are a statement piece to any casual outfit.

Holiday Hats

Holiday hats can be hats worn on holiday or vacation. They could also be hats worn in honor of specific holidays, such as Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, etc.